Why we Trade?

Chapter Tradesman
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I first asked myself this question and went out looking for the answer. In fact, there is no direct reason explained in the book except a few little lines. I came up with the answer of why we trade from the Purpose of FCF and FCF Symbol. This will provide a list and reasons why it is so important to trade in our FCF. As we can see each one of the purposes of FCF and symbol can and will be developed in Trading.
The purpose of FCF: Inspire Brotherhood/Personal Development/Provide Service
FCF Symbol : Courage/Achievement/Friendship/Servant Leadership/Woodsmanship
Why we Trade?
All of these are for Old Timers and Young Bucks:
1) Be a Mentor – Discipleship through Hear / See / Do / Teach 
2) Be a Mentoree – Discipleship through Hear / See / Do / Teach 
3) Show the Fruit of the Spirit – love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness,   
     Self Control
4) Using Our Spiritual Gifts – Serving Gifts / Manifest Gifts / Equiping Gifts / Artistry Gifts
5) Use and Teach our Talents – Skills / Knowledge / Training 
6) Develop our Talents – Skills / Knowledge / Training 
7) Develop our Outfit and Personal Items
8) Develop Items for Missions and Rewards
How is Trading going to happen?
All of these are for Old Timers and Young Bucks:
1)  Each Buckskin and Wilderness will have a Trading Station.
2) The trading station is a place where they preform their trade, teach their trade and trade their trade.
3) When FCF member comes that person will trade and/or learn.
4) Trading will be as followed (It is always  being flexible because because it is Trading)
    a) Determine a Dollar amount for your Trade Item. 
    b) Convert that into Trade Points $1 = 1 Trade (Trying to get away from money)
         Example:  “That is worth 4 Trade and I have an item worth the same lets Trade.”
         Example:  “That is worth 5 Trade but I want it pretty bad so I will give you 7 Trade.”
    c) If using money to sell it for that or…  It is Trading barter.
    d) If using item trade equally, or… It is Trading barter.
    e) Items hand made are always worth more than money.
     f) Items should from following period thing: (No Plastic or Modern Material)
         Woods / Glasses / Stones / Seeds / Horns / Cloths / Leathers / Metals / Rubber / Strings / Bones /     
         Papers / Feathers 
    g) If you feel that trade is not fair, talk about it and resolve the issue or come get the trade coordinator to
         get an independent view of the trade.
    h) Old Timer and Older Young Bucks I ask with trading with a new Frontiersman be generous since we are 
         here to serve not be served and have the newcomers and great experience. 
    i)  Always end a trade with a handshake and that ends the trade with no regrets.
    j)  In the past, I have been guilty of not trading quality goods (but not on purpose), please if something
        goes wrong with your trade item please help the new owner to fix it  or replace it.
    k) If you get money, I would encourage strongly to tithe %10 of all to FCF and that the money you gain
        goes back into getting new trade items to expand your trading area.  We do not want our people at
        events becoming venders but stay traders.
What Things should each of us  bring for Trades?
All of these are for Old Timers and Young Bucks:
1) A Missions Gift – (1) High Quality item that you hand made of $25 or more. 1 for Each Buckskin and
2) An Award – (1) Medium High Quality item that you hand made of $10 or more. 1 for Each Buckskin and 
3) A station Item – (25) Kits under $5 where the Young or Old could make with your guidance.
4) Pre-made Items – (25) Items you made or brought that are period under $5
5) Give Always Items – (25-100) Items under or at $1 that a young or old could trade at another station.
     *Note finances are issues in these trying times.  Note the 1-5, that is a priority, we have set in what it
      brings. If you think your trade does not mesh with $1 or under or $5 or under, please think out of the box
      for some ideas or call/ text/email Me Eastern Wind <>
      or 337-230-2791 <tel:337-230-2791>.  Over the years I have come up with hundreds of the cheapest
      ways of doing thing and the same amount of places to buy cheap things.
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